The Love Language of Hosting – Molten 1090

Warmth intertwines with culinary creativity in Rosie’s home, where hosting is a love language spoken with every dish served and every smile shared. Her home is a sanctuary that welcomes all, often on a whim.

Picture a scene where Rosie, with her radiant spirit and wearing her must-have lipstick and dangling earrings , effortlessly orchestrates unforgettable dinner parties that dance with the whimsy of fairy tales. Her tales of hosting are woven with threads of adventure and spontaneity, where even unexpected guests are greeted with open arms and a seat at her table.

“With a husband who often brings home strays from the golf club, having told them ‘Rosie’s got enough for us all’, I’ve become very familiar with hosting an impromptu dinner party. And actually, they often prove to be the most fun and successful because there’s no expectations and everything is a bonus to the guests!”

What’s your style of cooking?

In general I have a casual cooking style - I’d call it homely with a dash of adventure. I love doing quite basic or traditional dishes but adding something unexpected. Using short rib instead of braising steak for a beef bourguignon, or doing smashed roasties instead of traditional roast potatoes for a Sunday roast. You don’t have to go wild to make a delicious and memorable meal for others.

We know from experience you make hosting seem like an effortless art, but tell us how do you prepare for a dinner party?

Where possible I like to prep the day before, but only the elements that won’t require reheating on the day. Peeling, chopping, seasoning and marinating makes the ‘day-of’ a lot easier. Of course there are some dishes that are simply more delicious the second day, like my beef bourguignon which I always try to make the day before so the flavours can meld overnight. Sometimes prepping the day before is not an option as my husband is known for inviting people round with 6 hours notice :)

"I love a summer BBQ. You can’t beat simple things done well"

Do you remember the first time you played host?

I think I was about 20 and my then boyfriend and I were hosting friends for the first time and I was so excited. I lived in Southend on Sea and decided to make Moules Marinière with mussels from the local sheds in Old Leigh. My inexperience and naivety quickly showed itself when I got home and opened my bag of mussels to discover they were VERY fresh, covered in whiskers and mud! This was my first lesson in preparation. It took me so long to clean the mussels that we ate 2 hrs later than I had planned for…oops. But it also taught me that things can go wrong and it’s not the end of the world, the evening is what you make of it.

If you could host one style again what would it be, a cocktail party or dinner party?

Both can be great fun but ultimately they’re the same amount of effort and prep. At a cocktail party you’re basically feeding people a full meal through bite sized portions, so a sit down dinner is more satisfying for me.

So what’s your go-to menu for dinner parties?

I love a summer BBQ. You can’t beat simple things done well - prawns with their shells still on, steak (I love mine very rare but it’s easy to accommodate everyone’s preference when you have individual steaks), grilled potatoes and a mixed salad with a mustard vinaigrette dressing. The salad is probably the most complex dish of the lot! I love adding my homegrown veg like green beans, avocados, tomatoes and snap peas. Having a blooming avocado tree in my garden is one of life’s luxuries!

Do you have a showstopper dish?

Oooooh, I think it has to be my Hazelnut Meringue Gateau. It never fails to impress and is one of the easiest desserts to make.

Would you share your table essentials with us?

Of course! Wine glasses, water glasses - my go to are of course the FLECK Gold Tumblers - cloth napkins are a must, even for a BBQ, they all go in the wash after and paper napkins just create more rubbish which we don’t need in this world. Flowers from the garden - either hibiscus or bird of paradise or roses. My garden has an abundance of all three and with the Bermuda climate they are always in bloom. And finally some candles. If we’re outside I like big chunky candles with a hurricane lamp to protect from the wind. Indoors, I like long tapering candles in my Molten 1090 candlestick holders.

Company and entertainment are important parts of a great dinner party for me. My husband tends to look after the entertainment and I, the food but we occasionally swap roles. I think we’re a good match and both love filling our house with guests and there’s not much more satisfying than hosting people who aren’t accustomed to ‘at home entertaining’ - it allows me to create and share unique and memorable experiences with them.