FLECK | Luxury UK hand-blown glassware collection | Molten 1090

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    “Having honed a design aesthetic over 15 years of working with glass we are now delving into the world of circular design, a holistic approach to designing for Molten. Circular design thinking underpins our approach to creating products that are not only beautiful but considered in their purpose and design.” 

    Laura Smith, Creative Director

  • Materials


    Precious metals

    The FLECK collection combines handblown glass with precious metals, specifically silver and gold, in enchanting pieces that are elemental in form. Multifunctional and captivating the metal within shimmers and distorts light to effortlessly create intriguing pieces to work harmoniously in your home.

  • Design


    Molten landforms

    FLECK is a journey of textures and ambiance. The handblown glass tumblers glimmer and intrigue with organic patterns of precious metals and have a simplicity of form. The shapes of our handblown glass bowls and vases are inspired by molten landforms, the undulating volcanic curves are a nod to its molten namesake.

    At its essence, FLECK is a collection of modern classics for the home—linking us closer to nature and the ephemeral qualities of glass.