Molten 1090 X London Design Festival 2023


During London Design Festival we will be opening the doors of our East London studio* which is home to the design, making and creation of Molten 1090’s hand blown glass products. Watch a live glass blowing demonstration on the 22nd September at our ‘Molten Hot Circularity’ event led by our creative director Laura, who has over 15 years of glassmaking experience.

This event is the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into the world of glassblowing and experience it firsthand. We will be exploring and sharing our circular by design ethos, which forms the foundation of our brand, studio space and hand blown glass. UK based, local production is a fundamental part of our ethos and we are delighted to show you the journey of our glassware, from designing through to making.


In our studio, wherever possible we have furbished by reusing, reclaiming and repurposing materials and when we that is not an option, we work with sustainable and long lasting materials. From the lime washed walls to the wooden counter tops, cast iron shelving unit and the ceramic sink, the repurposed interiors of our studio reflect our up-cycled and circular design ethos, with sustainability at the forefront.

We invite you to explore our studio, soak in the contrasting beauty of workshop meeting showroom, and discover more about the focus of our brand.

"We love opening our studio and giving a behind the scenes look at the making of hand blown glass". Laura, Creative Director

London Design Festival 2023

‘London Design Festival celebrates and promotes our city as the design capital of the world. LDF hosts exhibitions, fairs, a plethora of design and art events, showcasing talent across the City of London. LDF was launched by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans twenty years ago in 2003’. ‘(Paraphrased from LDF website)’

LDF has a long tradition of hosting events which applaud creatives and artisanship. Hand crafted objects and traditional ways of making are a key thread running through the festival and we are proud that Molten 1090 is partnering to celebrate design across the UK and the world.

Dalston to Stokey Design District

The newest addition to London Design Festivals Design Districts, Dalston to Stokey Design District is offering ‘a dense and celebrated hub of creative businesses and individuals working across the arts, design, and hospitality’. As a small business born and bred in Hackney we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the area being recognised for its design prowess and creative community. We are incredibly proud to be part of this initiative that not only supports local talent but also puts Hackney on the map as a global design destination.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the inaugural year of the Dalston to Stokey Design District. While we are open throughout the festival, our dedicated Design District day is Saturday 23rd September, where all participating partners will open their doors in a celebration of the local creative community. You can explore the Dalston to Stokey design trail here which features exciting participants such as screen printing studio Print Club London, coffee specialists Allpress and homeware store Know and Love.