What the FLUX... – Molten 1090

Taking us back a few steps, the alchemy between glass, heat and shaping collections into different objects can be highly intuitive and some elements are often best explored in the 'flow' of the hotshop. Copper has long been a material I have explored in my personal work and forms the basis of the FLUX Collection.

Introducing copper into Molten 1090 was a natural path to follow. Different iterations in terms of thickness, quality and precisely how to apply the copper to the glass can determine how the copper and glass look when integrated.

Of course, our design parameters require us to delve in and explore how our excess will be incorporated into a future product. Perhaps it's a limited edition piece or one that becomes a full part of the collection, either way the excess from earlier products in the collection are a fundamental element of the design. Of utmost importance, it guarantees that we keep our systems of use in good order when introducing colour.

"FLUX is all about motion and change"

FLUX uses copper leaf, commonly used for gilding, applied to the glass when molten hot. Then a further gather over the copper encapsulates the metal within the glass. Hot glass combined with copper is a visually stimulating alchemy. It captures a moment of fizzing while the metal reacts and oxidises. Then as the glass cools the reaction is frozen in time. Simultaneously there is motion and stillness. The glass and copper change from glowing orange and red in the heat to a cool glass sparkling blue. Colours ranging from indigo to aqua and tourmaline all exist with the pieces.

Summer is nearing its end, but I often spend days dreaming of the surf. Bubbling oceans with liquid glass waves topped with effervescent bubbles at the lip. Sun drenched days dreaming of the lulling, soothing motion of the ocean are ever present. FLUX is all about motion and change; a journey within which you can traverse continents. The gorgeous tones within our collection will help you to travel across the earth in your mind. The silhouettes of our pieces are pared back and combined with our copper swirls bringing dreams of summer and adventures.

Our collection is carefully considered and includes tumblers, candlestick holders and trinket bowls.

Take a further look into our FLUX Collection .

Laura x